That's a good question...
Let's think about it. In food we have feijoada, in music we have samba, sertanejo...
Feijoada is a mix of beans, some pig parts, samba is that happy song with girls almost nakeds, and sertanejo I couldn't even describle.
In politic we have heroes and thiefs walking together.
Our television is fulled of naked girls, butts, EMO Teenagers and bad news...
Big part of our childrens have more then 10 years, and still are unable to read correctly.
We also have violence, misery...
Still... Peoples all around the world are doing the same questions about our country, what's our problems and what rule's on here.
So, I just said what's our biggest problems, and now... What rock's on here:
In Brazil, you can find great songs to. Rock, pop... Our movies are now big productions, great scenes, and amazing actors.
Our culture now is not just about folclore, but we have excellent schools, and professionals of high quality.
By the way, I think brazilians are the kindest peoples in the world.
Here you can also find beautiful cities like Rio de Janeiro, and also São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis and a lot of other cities
with beautiful beachs, montains, radical sports, gastronomy, culture and art.
Some peoples that had never come to here, use to say that you can find here florests, animals like monkeys all the time, a lot of fruits... And they are
nothing else but stupids.
Please somebody tell them, that we have monkeys in zoo like every other country. Fruits are to sell in markets, big part of our florests is in just one state (Amazonia)
wich is not for sale, and our cities have some of the highests buildings of the planet.
What also rock's on here is our parties. Not just carnaval, but we have amazing and incredibles raves, clubs and concerts.
Soccers like Pelé and Ronaldo are the most famous sportists, but our volleyboll rock's. They are the best players at this moment. And why not say about Cielo,
our best swimmer.
Soo, if you want some adventure, we have. Beautiful places, we have too.
Peace? Our peace rules. Crowd? Space to be on your own? We have it all here.
Soon I'll post some photos, but for now... search and dream of our Brazil.
Have a lot of imperfections, but is also a wonderland. Be my guest! ;)
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